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Who We Are



We quickly went from roommates to friends, bonding over our love of old dishes and the changing of the seasons. We were surprised by how natural conversations about lighting and space planning came about. In our free time, we found ourselves theoretically designing spaces, sharing thrifted treasures, and rearranging furniture to optimize space for hosting. Our little college house quickly became filled with decor and “can't pass up” furniture deals- stashed away for our future homes and spaces we would one day design.


Southern Exposure is founded on the mutual respect and genuine love we have for one another. We believe in each other's designs, but know that our best work comes from our collaborative efforts. Southern Exposure allows us to work in our individual strengths to provide the highest level of service to our clients. We understand the value of a strong partnership and look forward to learning more about your project and ways we can partner with you.


Interior Decorator


Interior Designer


Interior Designer
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I’m a daydreamer or what I like to call a daystormer, a bold combination of daydreaming and brainstorming. This allows me to stay excited and dream with the courage and drive to transform creativity into action.


I believe in courage and dancing outside the walls of comfort, knowing that no matter where it takes me there is always something new to learn. I believe in the power of a well-oiled space plan and have a passion for discovering how those spaces inspire the people within them.


I’m constantly drawn to the beauty in our past and appreciate the foundation it has laid for us today as we move design forward. I’m passionate about creating an aesthetic that captures the essence of both. 


Interior Decorator
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I am a designer and a celebrator. I am curious and I am passionate. These qualities have inspired a deep calling to create environments that evoke an experience for the people within them. 


Throughout my professional career in advertising, event design, and floral arranging, I have learned the art of exploring the relationships among color, texture, and pattern. Now, I have the privilege of using these tools to assist clients in sourcing the right materials for their space. 


I believe a space should tell a story, and every selection should be made with intention. Above all, I believe good design has the potential to invite others in without the need of a formal invitation.

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Southern Exposure is a design term used to describe the optimal amount of light within a space. It’s also used in agriculture to describe the best lighting for plants to grow and flourish. For us, Southern Exposure is a reflection of the spaces we want to create- spaces that encourage growth, connection, and exploration.

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